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The Jaffna Library Burning website is a modern digital archive that is dedicated to documenting and preserving the people’s history. This is a tool used to assist teachers, students, researchers and anyone interested in understanding the origins and outcomes of the incident, the challenges faced and its rich legacy.

Data surrounding the burning of Jaffna Public Library is not easily attainable without much effort, making it challenging to learn more about this incident. Our goal here is to increase accessibility and make this information readily available by creating a one-stop repository for all available material.

This website contains information about the history of the burning and its aftermath, a timeline, briefly outlining the series of events that took place and a vast variety of resources that can be used to help build further knowledge on this topic. These resources include relevant media coverage, academic journal articles, books, videos, photos, clippings and voice testimonial recording personal experiences and memories from the library.  


How can you help?

This is a collaborative and ongoing effort and we will do our best to include all valid viewpoints with authenticated sources. If you’d like to contribute or have any information to share please contact us below. 

Please note: Interviews are conducted in the language that the interviewee is most comfortable with such as Tamil or English.

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